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For both clients and candidates we ensure a recruitment process that brings value.

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A company for people

We see our candidates and clients as partners. This means that we are on the same side of the fence and fight together to find appropriate and effective solutions to the multiple challenges in the field of human resources.

The portfolio of services that we make available to clients complies to increasingly complex requirements. We work with modern principles and tools, aligned with international practices, but adapted to local specifics. We apply them to all human capital management projects, from permanent, temporary and contract recruitment to staff assessment and selection, payroll, personnel management, outsourcing and consulting.

The companies that request our services capitalize on the consistent experience we have in various sectors of activity belonging to a considerable number of local industries and regional economies. We offer them involvement, transparency and the guarantee of finding the right candidates in a timely manner. How do we support this claim? Through an extensive database that we leverage with modern technology as well as through processes, procedures and attention to detail, elements that bring flexibility and speed to the solutions offered.

Candidates who contact us know that they will have our full attention to not only succeed in finding the desired position, but also to develop subsequently in the chosen direction. The value they bring to employers is reflected in fair remuneration, stability and efficiency in their activity. And for us, they are proof of a job well done.

Erpa - a company for people


Experience and portfolio. Developed over time.

We have been active since 2010 and in this interval we have grown constantly and naturally, together with our clients and their increasingly complex requirements, to fully cover human capital management activities.

Quality control services and Production Support for industries in need of skilled personnel

Personnel leasing and recruitment services for temporary work

The company's portfolio is completed with personal recruitment/selection and Executive Search services

Integrated recruitment services and human resource management outsourcing

The team reaches 174 members

Our company moved to new headquarters

Motive pentru care să ne alegi

Reasons to choose us

You will work with an ERPA representative dedicated to your project, assisted by an experienced, efficient and proactive team. You can rely on:

  • Accurate understanding of needs and required features
  • Fast response - shortlist of candidates presented quickly
  • Transparent access to a sizable database, from baby boomers to Gen Z
  • Procedures and technology that ensure flexibility and compliance
  • Guarantees, insurance and contractual undertaking
  • Surprisingly low total costs.

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We have standard and advanced measuring instruments and devices


Our internal operational management processes are ISO certified


We hold liability insurance to cover the services provided


Online reporting application available 24/7

Anca Pătrașcu


Managing Partner

A less conventional entrepreneur

Many people are capable of starting and running a business. But being a true entrepreneur means more than starting a company. It means having attitude, motivation and the desire to succeed. In my view, an entrepreneur is successful when he or she is optimistic, disciplined and open to new things.

These are the principles that guide me, after many years of experience. And I've embraced them thanks to interacting with hundreds of clients and candidates who have taught me practically, not theoretically, what they need to get the expected results from every project I've been involved with.

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Ovidiu Pătrașcu


Business Development Manager

Experience is important. At every step.

Having worked over time in areas such as general management, development, plant and operations management, I have always aimed to achieve set results and a customer-oriented mindset. Colleagues and partners see me as an energetic and passionate person - I think this comes from my proactive, open-minded approach.

The years of working in multinationals have brought me discipline and resilience, but also the experience that helps me understand "from the inside" the needs of our clients and candidates and identify the right solutions that bring added value to any project.

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Sorina Serghie


HR & Recruitment Specialist

Do what you love and love what you do!

Throughout my professional activity, I have experienced many areas: from Public Relations, to Marketing and Retail, Administrative and EHS, but my passion and desire for development has always been directed towards Human Resources, especially Recruitment.

"Do what you love and love what you do" is one of my favorite mottos, which has been a kind of guide for me throughout my professional development and which has given me the determination and energy to get to where I wanted to be.

I love interacting with people, and feedback from both colleagues and candidates describe me as energetic, open, empathetic and engaged.

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Ovidiu Pătrașcu

Ionut Gabriel

Senior Human Resources Analyst

Passion with a touch of madness and ambition

As in any other profession, as long as there is no dedication, I believe that things stagnate rather than evolve. Thus, applying my "secret" recipe and using the right ingredients, the end result cannot but be gratifying.

My experience in the workforce market is diversified up to this point in my career, flirting with the fields of Horeca, Marketing, Sales but also Recruitment, this being the last on the list because I decided to stop diversity, considering that I found the end point where I can truly improve myself.

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Made up of over 120 specialists and collaborators, our team includes project managers and HR specialists, but also workers in areas such as quality control, warehousing, maintenance, assembly or production operators.

Made up of over 120 specialists and collaborators, our team includes project managers and HR specialists, but also workers in areas such as quality control, wharehousing, maintenance, assembly or production operators.



Working with and for people, we know that every project has specific characteristics. The "tailor-made" services we offer comply with these requirements, including at the contractual level.


The first step is to understand the company's culture and business model, including through visits and interviews, in order to correctly compile the profile of the requested candidate.


Our services extend both on the territory of Romania and in Europe, thanks to the projects in which we are involved. It's a benefit we offer to international clients.

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We are certified by Bureau Veritas.

Certified and authorized processes and procedures, a guarantee of work algorithms that bring safety, efficiency and compliance to every project.

Bureau Veritas
ISO 9001
Quality certification

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 45001
Health & Safety certification

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 14001
Environment certification

ISO 14001:2015